Hunting Coyotes With Dogs

Training dogs to hunt coyotes 

Hunting coyotes is not easy, but hunting coyotes with dogs can make it a bit easier. Several dog breeds are generally known as trailing hounds, including Walkers, Julys, redbones, blueticks, black and tans, Plott hounds, and English fox hounds. Trail hounds follow the scent left by a predator and run it to tree or bay it on the ground. Coyotes are seldom caught and killed by trail hounds. In most instances, trail hounds are used in combination with sight hounds.

The trail hounds run coyotes into the open, and then sight hounds are released to capture the fleeing coyote. Often times, however, coyotes are shot as they run from the pack of hounds by hunters. Sight hounds, generally greyhounds or Russian wolf hounds, are used in open prairie country to run coyotes down and kill them. Trailing hounds can find secluded coyotes, but sight hounds have the speed necessary to catch and overtake the much slower coyote.

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