About the Grizzly Bear

Although wildlife management concepts have been around, bears and their management have been poorly understood to date. Recent concern for the environment, species preservation, and ecosystem management are only now starting to affect the way we manage grizzly bears (Ursus arctos). By the way, Grizzly bears are the same as brown bears.

The difficulty in understanding brown bear biology, behavior, and ecology may have precluded sufficient change to prevent the ultimate loss of the species south of Canada. Grizzly bears must be managed at the ecosystem level. The size of their ranges and their need for safe corridors between habitat units bring them into increasing conflict with people, and there seems to be little guarantee that people will sufficiently limit their activities and land-use patterns to reduce brown bear damage rates and the consequent need for damage control. Drastic changes may be needed in land-use management, zoning, wilderness designation, timber harvest, mining, real estate development, and range management to preserve the species and still meet damage control needs.

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