Calling and Shooting Coyotes

Coyotes may respond to predator calls. Calling, like other methods of predation control, should be used sparingly and only when needed. Coyotes can be called at any time of the day although the first couple of hours after dawn and the last few hours before darkness are usually best. Call in areas where there are signs of coyotes, such as tracks or droppings. In some situations, coyotes can be located by listening to their howling at sundown and sunrise. Some hunters use sirens to elicit howls from coyotes. Often a voice imitation of a coyote howl works as well. Coyotes often come to a howl without howling back, so the prudent hunter is always ready to shoot.

Hunting at Night. Not many people have witnessed predators killing livestock because it usually occurs at night, away from human activity. As stated previously, calling and shooting predators at night is illegal in many states. Where legal, however, hunting at night with the use of artificial lights may be effective. Red or blue light tends to spook predators less readily than white light does. Calling without the use of artificial lights is effective only with snow cover and the light of a full moon.

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