Badger Range and Habitat

Badger Range 

The badger is widely distributed in the contiguous United States. Its range extends southward from the Great Lakes states to the Ohio Valley and westward through the Great Plains to the Pacific Coast, though not west of the Cascade mountain range in the Northwest. Badgers are found at elevations of up to 12,000 feet (3,600 m).

Badgers prefer open country with light to moderate cover, such as pastures and rangelands inhabited by burrowing rodents. They are seldom found in areas that have many trees.

8 thoughts on “Badger Range and Habitat

  1. Andrew Catuccio

    i think I have had badgers living in my yard in Monson Massachusetts. They created a burrow under my barn aprox three years ago and my efforts to identify them have led me to this belief. They are grey and white (badger grey with white stripes.) and have loose skin in a kind of skirt between the fore and back paws. When they move when seen they sort of flutter across the ground. Are these normal for mass.?

  2. Kelly

    I think I saw a badger last night in my yard but I live in Rhode Island. All the research I’ve found says their habitat is mostly west and plains areas. Nothing about them being in the Northeast. Is it possible that’s what I saw? Is there an animal that looks similar to the badger that lives around here?

  3. Michael

    I believe I saw a Badger in a hollow tree today about 18 feet frim the ground. have you ever heard of a badger in a tree before? I haven’t found information that states anything other than they are a burrowing animal.

  4. steve linck

    I have a cabin at Morom Lake Az , which is about 30 miles south of Flagstaff. I hike the back woods and on Oct. 28-08 I stepped within 10 feet of a badger. It was digging for it’s breakfast and may not have heard me approch since it had its head in a hole. It hissed at me and I just backed off and watched it waddle away. The next day, I returned too the sameplace and saw it again. I plan on returning too the same area but this time I will have my cramra with me.

  5. mar

    today we found a huge hole in yard , rocks pulled out , grass torn and claw marks in hole with a tunnel, we think it is a badger, is that normal for Oxford Ma?

  6. Thomas

    Seen a badger today in Massillon, Ohio, Stark County. It was along a highway eating a dead bird. Thought it was a groundhog at first till it looked up at me .Need to update badger range map!

  7. Barbara Jo Bryant-Pederson

    I live in Brenda AZ. and out in the BLM land south of I-10, on the way to Twin Peaks, we saw a badger in a dry wash as we traveled along on our ATV. We were kind of in shock (as was the badger) since we did not realize that this was a habitat of thiers. I did not have my camera ready, but have vivid memories of it stopping in the middle of the wash, staring at us then heading to it’s burrow and digging down deeper, sending up a plume of dust. This is low Sonora desert, so I wonder where it finds it’s water since it is so far from a wildlife guzzler. It is not”snowbird” season so it may be used to the pattern of no traffic after a certain time of year, so it was out and about. Any info would be appreciated.

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