Feral Hog Habitat

Feral Hog Habitat

Feral hogs can inhabit a variety of habitats, from coastal marshes to rough-country mountain ranges. These wild hogs prefer cover of dense brush or marsh vegetation, but will venture out into open fields under the cover of darkness. Hogs are generally restricted to areas below snowline and above freezing temperatures during the winter.

Feral pigs frequent livestock-producing areas for waste grain and foraging through cow dung for undigested grain. Hogs prefer mast-producing hardwood forests but will frequent conifer forests to some extent. In remote areas or where human activities are minimal, they may use open range or pastures during the day, but particularly at night. During periods of hot weather, wild pigs spend a good deal of time wallowing in ponds, springs, or streams, usually in or adjacent to cover. If it’s hot, look for feral hogs in cool locations wind wind exposure and a supply of water.

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  1. Curtis

    Yes, I hunt a wildlife management in Jennings forest for small game, hogs and rabbits. I have seen some rooting in the swamp with palmetto bushes in it. Were do I find hogs in the forest. I walked roads with water and stream beds, but no luck. I have seen whitetail deer and a lot and fox squirrels.

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