Man Arrested After Drive-By on a Zebra

Man Arrested for Drive-By on a Zebra

Drive-by shootings still happen in our society, but they aren’t just limited to the “rough” areas of our urban cities. Yesterday, an 18-year-old man was arrested in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of a zebra named Zambi. But don’t worry, it wasn’t a hate crime, as the animal was both black and white.

Joshua Romano of Red Oak, Texas, faces a charge of cruelty to animals. It is believed that Mr. Romano neither holds against the zebra as a species, nor did he seek Zambi out for any particular reason. He’s shooting of Zambi was just the result of “bad judgement.”

Zambi was shot dead as he grazed in a pasture at HiView Farms outside of Waxahachie, said Lt. Kevin Ketchum of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office. The farm is also home to camels, llamas and ring-tailed lemurs, oh my!

When the tragic shooting took place, the owner of the farm was outside working, Ketchum said. That’s when he noticed the vehicle driving by and soon after heard the fatal shot.

Romano and four friends had been swimming in a creek, but had to leave because of rain. They spotted the Zambi the zebra as they were driving down a road near the farm. That’s when Romano pulled out a deer rifle and shot Zambi dead.

Believe it or not, Romano’s friends even tried to prevent him from shooting the zebra, and the driver sped up to make the shooting more difficult, Ketchum said. However, Romano apparently posessed great marksmenship. The zebra was valued at $10,000.

Man Arrested for Drive-By on a Zebra

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