Nilgai Photo

Nilgai Photo

What is a nilgai?

A large antelope with short, smooth horns in males. Horns average only 18 cm in length, with lengths of only 23-30 cm the maximum. Females usually do not grow horns, but may occasionally.

What color are nilgai?

Overall coloration is gray to brownish gray in males; females and young are brown to orangish brown. Patches of white on the face and below the chin, extending into a broad, white “bib” on the throat, break up the ground coloration. A narrow white band along the brisket area broadens over the abdomen and spreads between the hind legs to form a narrow rump patch that is edged with darker hair. Below the white bib hangs a tuft of hair, or “beard,” which may be as long as 13 cm in males.

Distribution of nilgai in Texas.

Nilgai are native to India and Pakistan, where they are the largest species of antelope. Nilgai were imported into Texas as game animals and have readily reproduced and established free-ranging populations. They are the most abundant free-ranging exotic ungulate in Texas and have done especially well in South Texas. The majority of Texas nilgai are found in free-ranging populations on several large ranches in Kenedy and Willacy counties.

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