Controlling Feral Hogs – Always an Issue

Controlling Feral Hogs - Always an Issue 

Feral hogs should be controlled by shooting and live trapping whenever possible. The greatest success usually occurs during the winter when feral hogs are forced to travel more to find food. In addition to rooting up pastures, feral hogs compete directly with white-tailed deer, turkey and most other wildlife species that rely heavily on acorns and other hard and soft mast for winter food.

Along with competing with deer and other wildlife for food resources, feral hogs utilize native wildlife as food resources. Feral hog diets may include eggs of ground nesting birds, small mammals, reptiles and in rare instances, deer fawns.

If you have wild hogs on your property, get used to them. Although control methods will help keep numbers down, you will never completely be rid of feral hogs. The best you can hope to do is keep their numbers down, and shooting and trapping are about the only options currently. 

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