Rounding Up Longhorns in Big Bend

Longhorns in Bend Bend

Big Bend Ranch State Park’s most popular program — the Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive — is on the horizon. The spring round-up of the park’s Texas State Longhorn herd will be held April 3-5, 2008.

Two times each year up to 25 “city slickers” from throughout the state and around the world come to participate and experience a piece of Texas’ cultural heritage. The three-day event allows one to experience life as a cowboy and lasso a lifetime of memories.

“If you’re looking for a genuine taste of the wild, Western range life,” says Colorado travel writer Christine Loomis, “the Big Bend Ranch State Park cattle drive is about as real as it gets.”

Participants have the opportunity to see cattle in the rugged and remote pastures of the 300,000-acre ranch, learn how the herd is moved with horses and help drive the historic longhorn herd to ranch headquarters, where they can take part in branding calves, recording lineage and practicing the traditions of the North American cowboy culture, according to park interpreter Marvin Steinback.

The park supplies all necessary tack, horses and gear, along with guides. People from all walks of life and with little riding experience have participated in the program. Guests have come from as far away as Australia, Canada and England to experience this legacy of the Old West.

The cost of the three-day event is $975, which includes horse and tack, park entry fee, lodging/camping fees, meals and the assistance of park wrangler guides. Big Bend Ranch is located northeast of Presidio off Texas Highway 170. Reservations are required.

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