Easten Hognose Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

The Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platyrhinos)is easily identified by its upturned snout. The Eastern Hognose is a very stout-bodied snake with brown blotches on a background that can vary from light tan to gray. Color can vary substantially between the habitats that this snake lives in. This is also a very unique snake with very unusual defenses!

When this non-venomous snake is first encountered, it will flare its neck and head so that it somewhat resembles a cobra and hiss very loudly! If this doesn’t scare you away, the snake may roll over on its back with its mouth open and “play dead.” If you roll it back upright, it will flip itself back onto its back, as though insisting that it is dead!

The adults average around 2 feet long, and they feed almost exclusively on toads.

Eastern Hognose SnakeEastern Hognose SnakeEastern Hognose Snake

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