Bamberger Ranch Preserve Wins Land Steward Award

David Bamberger and the Selah win one of Texas’ Lone Star Land Steward awards for 2008. Rangeland improvement, spring restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement, endangered species management, inventory and monitoring of native plants and animals, the first ever “Chiroptorium”, and “people ranching” are just a few of the accomplishments of J. David and Margaret Bamberger.

Since 1969, David Bamberger has worked tirelessly to restore “the worst piece of ranchland in Blanco County” to the model of land stewardship that it is today. For many years, the Bambergers have led by example, while communicating their conservation message to children, teachers, other landowners and policy makers. One cannot help but be inspired when listening to him speak about his land and the natural resources so dear to him.

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