Tierra Verde Golf Club Wins Lone Star Land Steward Award

Tierra Verde Golf Club in Arlington was uniquely designed to maximize the natural areas of the facility while accommodating golfers of all skill levels. As such, the facility received special recognition under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Lone Star Land Steward program. Corridors of native vegetation throughout the property provide habitat for a variety of birds and other wildlife that exist in the region.

A minimum 20-foot buffer area of native plants, established around water bodies, both reduces runoff and provides wildlife cover for animals that may rest or nest nearby. Carefully constructed brush piles provide additional cover and dead trees are maintained for cavity nesters.

Nest boxes for wood ducks, purple martins, and bluebirds have been erected throughout the property and basking logs are placed in the ponds for turtles. The irrigation system monitors weather and plant condition to determine daily water requirements. Areas of native grass are mowed to a height of 12 inches every 3 years to simulate grazing.

Turf grasses are maintained with organic fertilizers, and both ground and surface water quality are monitored. The facility conducts environmental tours throughout the year for local schools interested in sustainable development.

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