New Dallas Reservoir Still in the News

News reports over the weekend indicate the City of Dallas is considering appealing a U.S. district judge’s decision last week that essentially blocked plans by the city to build a new reservoir in East Texas. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to create Neches River National Wildlife Refuge in the same area as the proposed Fastrill Reservoir. Conservation groups, East Texas communities and others in favor of the new wildlife refuge applauded the judge’s decision last week.

On Saturday, the Dallas newspaper quoted Dallas Assistant City Manager Ramon Miguez saying “We haven’t given up on Fastrill. Having said that, we’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that we’re not going to put all our eggs in one basket.” The Dallas story went on to say the city and Texas Water Development Board have not decided whether to appeal the judge’s ruling.

It also detailed other Dallas water supply and reservoir alternatives, including the proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir on the Sulphur River. The story also quoted the assistant city manager saying “Conservation and reuse are an important part of our long-term water-supply strategy.”

One thought on “New Dallas Reservoir Still in the News

  1. Michael Banks

    Dallas Assistant Manager Miguez also said losing Fastrill to their water plan would be just a bump in the road. And Judge Solis in his ruling stated Dallas had not shown not having Fastrill reservoir would adversly effect their water plan. Water from the Neches River for Dallas would be cheaper and more convenient than other sources BUT would be at a great loss in land and habitat for East Texas.
    Michael Banks, DDS
    Friends of the Neches River

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