Flounder Fishing Techniques

In Texas, flounder can be taken by rod and reel in almost any portion of any bay. However, it often is more productive to fish around jetties or oyster reefs that extend into the bay from shore. Flounder do not swim continuously and they tend to accumulate in places in their search for food. During the fall when flounder are moving to the Gulf for spawning, the best flounder fishing takes place in the channels and passes leading to the Gulf.

During the spring, wade fishermen work the edges of channels, such as the Intracoastal Waterway, as the fish are moving back into the bays.

Flounder can be taken by rod and reel or by gig. When fishing with rod and reel, light tackle is typically the go-to tackle for catching flounder. Both artificial lures and natural baits can be used to catch this patient flatfish. Over barren bottoms, lead heads rigged with plastic worms are often very effective. In heavily vegetated areas, shallow-running spoons are best.

Flounder show a decided preference for live bait over dead bait. Live shrimp retrieved slowly along the bottom often produce excellent results. Several species of killifish, referred to locally as mud minnows, fished in a similar fashion are good bait. These often can be taken in large numbers with a cast net or minnow seine.

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