Central Texas Native Seedlings Grow Better

Plant seedlings native to central Texas for best success 

The Central Texas Seedling Program (CTSP) began in 2004 to help supply Central Texas landowners with high quality seedlings that have stewardship benefits for the region. The program supports and compliments current reforestation programs such as oak wilt suppression and recovery, forest stewardship, wildlife habitat, reforestation of marginal lands and farmlands, water quality control, and disease management through diversity.

Tree seeds are collected from a variety of tree species native in and around the Central Texas region. After collection, the seeds are grown at the West Texas Nursery into quality seedlings which are then shipped to Central Texas offices for landowner pickup.

The program is geared toward helping native species survive and grow in the harsh conditions of Central Texas. Because of this, seedlings are typically grown in “tall” containers and are ready to plant at the end of October to give seedlings the best chance of successful establishment. You can order seedlings beginning September 1.

West Texas Nursery (WTN) produces and sells quality tree and shrub seedlings at an affordable price allowing Central and West Texas landowners to plant large quantities of quality seedlings for natural resource conservation.

The nursery facility is located on U.S. Highway 62/82 in Idalou, Texas, about 10 miles northeast of Lubbock. Situated on 53 acres of land purchased by Texas Forest Service in 2002, the nursery complex includes two greenhouses, a packing shed, equipment shed, lath house and an office building.

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