Whitetail Deer Vision

Deer have excellent vision 

White-tailed deer have an excellent sense of sight. With a deer’s eyes positioned in the skull to allow for over 300 degrees of viewing, they don’t miss much. Deer have the ability to notice any out of place and an acute night vision that aids in their nocturnal activities. Hunters of whitetail know not to look a whitetail in the eye if they are nearby. Whitetail deer vision is outstanding and they will bust you in a heartbeat! Hunters soon realize that they must watch a deer’s body, not its eyes.

Humans have decent vision I suppose, but it does not compare to that of a white-tailed deer. Have you ever noticed how they almost always seem to see you before you see them? Part of that is their excellent sense of hearing, but even if you are still, they will pick you up. Of course, I have had deer walk within just yards of me, stopped to look at me, and then continued on their way. If a deer has not seen you move, then they may become concerned, but rarely alarmed — unless they smell you! So to sum up, deer have outstanding vision, but it really does not compare to their nose. 

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