Snake Hunting in Africa

In the United States hunting is important for controlling certain game species, and although a large number of people do hunt to put food on the table, the majority of hunters could drive to the store and buy commerically grown protein. However, persons dwelling in other countries do rely on hunting for survival. And I’m all for it, but what if that putting food on the table meant snake hunting?

Yeah, sounds a little daunting a first, but what if I told you the snake was over 20 feet in length? Okay, this is where most people would back out the whole snake hunting experience, but in Africa this is exactly what the natives do. These photos show some African hunters going after an African rock python. These photos are not for the faint of heart, but they are amazing!

They start by attaching a protective hide over the arm, which will be used to catch the snake as it bites the hunter’s arm. After attaching the “armor,” it’s time to head down into the snake’s den and go head-to-head. When the hunter grabs the snake (or the snake grabs the hunter), the other hunters pull the man out by his feet, and thus the snake. I guess there are easy ways to put snake on the table, but apparently not in Africa!

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