Ocelot Conservation Festival

Celebrate at the Ocelot Conservation Festival 

It’s time to celebrate ocelot! Learn about the Texas ocelot, the main focus of an exciting festiva that is taking place in South Texas! Visitors can enjoy educational programs on fishing, hunting, and bird watching that compliment fun puppet shows, silent auctions, and the opportunity to see some wonderful wildlife species! There is something for everyone at the Ocelot Conservation Festival, a unique event whose proceeds go to benefit research and conservation of the ocelot. For more information, contact the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge by phone 956-748-3607.

2 thoughts on “Ocelot Conservation Festival

  1. Peter Cerchiara

    I had an instructor who had a license to have a domestic ocelot in his home in New York City in 1970. Is that still legally still allowed and is there a society of ocelot owners? Furthermore, is ocelot ownership a manageable domestication in a home with humans?

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