Great Land Management Takes Getting Involved

Learn how to manage habitats and wildlife 

It can be awful lonesome out there, facing the challenges and opportunities of working with the land. But holistic land managers have a tool that not only provides someone to talk to who really understands what they are doing, but a social and practical network of problem solving, brain-storming, and the camaraderie of like-minded friends. If you could use some input on the best wildlife management practices on your property, think about getting involved in a management club.

Management clubs all over the world have brought managers together in regional groups who are likely to face some of the same social, economic, and ecological challenges. The design of the clubs and what they actually do when they gather varies with the club. Each one designs itself. The Red River Graziers, for example, meet at a different member’s place each month. The host takes the group on a tour, pointing out the areas where he could use some ideas. Everyone chews on it awhile as they chew on lunch (usually self-provided or potluck). The afternoon is spent creating a list of practices that are working, those to stop doing, and those new one to incorporate.

Come be a part of this new club forming around the Biological Monitoring class (April 23-24, 2009) and the Marek field day (April 25) near Giddings, Texas. This club might represent an area about 2 hours in all directions of Giddings. Austin, College Station, Bryan, Granger. Come see who might be your next best friend. Design your own format with the help and facilitation of HM Certified Educator Christina Allday-Bondy, to provide and benefit from mutual aid and support.

Cost to attend these events: The April 25 field day $45 ($40 for HMI Texas members) includes a BBQ lunch. HM Biological Monitoring $450 ($405 for HMI Texas members). Management clubs are free. Register online or call Jeanie325-348-3014.

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