Horrible Deer-Auto Accident Photos

Deer-Auto Collisions are Big Money!

Deer are beautiful animals. Thanks to state natural resource departments and regulated hunting throughout the United States, white-tailed deer herds are at all-time highs. And although just about everyone loves watching deer, record deer herds do not register well with everyone. In fact, some people outright despise them.

Deer-auto collisions cost millions of dollars each year. As a result, deer are not very well liked by auto insurance companies, nor the drivers that hit them. They have a whole different idea about deer management. But everyone that buys auto insurance either directly or indirectly pays for deer damage caused to autombiles. When it comes to hitting deer as they cross the road, a driver can lose more than just money.

Many drivers are killed each year after striking animals while on the road. White-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, feral hogs, and even domestic livestock can all cause considerable property damage and even death after animals come crashing through the windshield or cause the driver to lose control of the autmobile and crash again elsewhere. So although deer hunting is big money to hunters and outfitters, it’s also big money to everyone using America’s road system.

The photos below are of a mid-sized SUV after it crashed into white-tailed deer that was crossing the highway. The vehicle was traveling 70 miles per hour as they animal went over the hood, through the windshield, through the interior of the car, and out the back. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s slow down when driving through areas inhabited by deer!

20 thoughts on “Horrible Deer-Auto Accident Photos

  1. Terra

    Holy shi… Were the people okay? I can’t imagine making it out safely if a deer flew at my face at that speed!

  2. MJ

    People forget about the freaking blood and whether or not it’s gonna get out of the seats. What speed was that driver going? Instead of that poor deer, it could have been a human. Did you ever think of that? The driver should have his/her license removed. People driving that fast are a menace to everyone, not just wildlife. I have no sympathy for whoever was in that car. They were irresponsible.

  3. Mac Mckenzie

    It’s obvious that #9 and #10 comment makers have absolutely
    no knowledge of deer habit, actions or predictability. Most highway speed limits are 70 MPH or better, and sometimes those deer just leap in front of you without warning or without the driver being able to see them when they leap out from the side of the road.

    The driver of that vehicle probably did nothing wrong–just an unfortunate time and place for him like, so many thousands of others. You can take all the precautions in the world, but if you drive a lot in high deer density areas, your odds of this happening go way up.

  4. PC

    The driver was being irresponsible? I guess me doing 75 in a zone that is set at 75 is irresponsible too?

  5. Gunny USMC

    I am a very careful driver. I live in the woods near Camp Lejeune. I hit one in my Truck. I was doing 35 in a 55 at night. The deer survived just fine, but broke my headlight and grill. I hit another on my Harley on the same road 100 yards from my house doing 45 in a 55. Both were dark nights. The deer (bucks) ran at full speed out of the woods. On my Harley, I broke my leg bone into 20 pieces. The deer ran off! I think I hurt that one though.

    I had to retire from the Marines because my leg was so badly damaged. Both were during rutting season. I don’t drink and drive! Being a decorated combat veteran I highly respect and cherish all life. I wouldn’t kill for sport. I take no joy in that but; I would kill to feed my family if I had too. The heck with Bambi, there are plenty more where that one came from! Please be careful driving in deer territory, especially at night because could die. And there is someone in this world who loves you.

  6. ansely baggett

    dude that is like… epic! like i love deer and all animals, but man! iv’e never seen anything like THAT before!

  7. Stacie

    I get so sick of people rooting for animals over human life. I understand that we should be CAREFUL for animals and as a HUMAN RACE care for all living creatures… but this CRAP about poor Bambi really chaps me.

    Kudos to our military; PC, I’m so sorry for you and your leg and your career. I sure hope you clipped the deer good that took your job and permanently damaged your leg. Wow… I said it. Boo on me.

    It’s called FOOD CHAIN people. I love meat. Not tenderized like this… but yeah…RED BLOOD MEAT. So does the rest of the world. Why are people so crazy about this stuff???

    For all you animal lovers that are sad for this ONE DEER, I bet his mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters don’t miss him… what do you think about the drivers family? Who will earn a living for the kids at home?? Moms and Dads outliving their children over road kill. A sister losing her only brother for a dumb animal…yes, I said it again!! Gimme a break.

    A woman I work with slammed on her breaks (didn’t swerve, c’mon that’s dangerous) to miss a deer (this is six months ago) and got rear-ended by a bus traveling at 65 mph. Broke both her hips, neck and put her out of work for months. She has three little kids under the age of 10. She should have hit the deer.

  8. Ravyn

    I say this is not real. Look at the driver’s seat; its covered in blood. If someone had been driving, there would have been a clean place on the seat where the driver was sitting, unless they saw it coming and ducked really far down. Still, horrific pictures, real or not.

  9. Garret

    Darversus, there was no mention of alcohol, and where I’m from 70 mph is the HIGHWAY speed limit.

  10. Wendy

    Those pictures are real! I’ve seen a few large animal contact accidents with my job and most people think the photos are faked because of the extreme carnage! Plus I didn’t see any pics of the front seat….thats a SUV and the backseat. The pic of the steering wheel you can see the seat under it doesn’t have much blood.

  11. sha

    really what the freak. thats just gross. commet #11 75 is the spead limit so shut you freaking mouth because you dont know whats your saying!!!!!!!!!

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