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Big Black Bear Killed Near Alpine, Texas

Black Bear Killed Near Alpine

Texas Parks and Wildife Department (TPWD) has reported that a huge black bear weighing at least 406 pounds has been killed near Alpine, Texas. The facts indicate that the big bear was struck by a vehicle and road-killed after it’s pelvis was broken. Initial coverage of the bear’s death made front page news across west Texas and has even been featured on the Midland area TV news several times. TPWD has taken possession of the large bear.

The animal is an extremely large black bear, even by Texass standards, but male black bear do occasionally get this big in the southern parts of black bear range. What makes this bear unique is that there was virtually no damage to the hide and skull. Because of this opportunity, TPWD has coordinated with several individuals and organizations in order to use this specimen as an educational opportunity. Donated funds from conservation partners have flooded in to have a full body mount of the bear completed and placed in the Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University. The museum will host an educational display titled  “Bears in West Texas”.