Hunter Tags Big Nebraska Whitetail

38 Point Nebraska Whitetail

The Gun Deer Season kicked off in Nebraska over the weekend and it seems some giant whitetail bucks are hitting the ground this year. Several people have sent me photos of a big 38 point nontypical buck. I don’t think all the details are clear yet, but supposedly it was shot last week by a young hunter, possibly on state land. A game warden at the check station aged the monster buck at around 7 years, and after looking at the body on this brue, and the antler mass, that guess is probably on the money.

All indications point to this buck being the new Nebraska state record according to the warden. If anyone knows anything else about this buck, drop a comment and let us know!

One thought on “Hunter Tags Big Nebraska Whitetail

  1. Joe Alberta

    This buck was killed by Wes O’Brien of Lexington, TX. It has an official entry score of 284 and has 134-3/8 inches of abnormal points. This still has to be verified before it becomes official. The current NE state record non-typical is the Del Austin buck that scores 277-3/8 taken by bow in 1962. This buck is also a former world record archery buck. If verified it will easily beat the longstanding NE record.

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