Texas Coast Duck Hunting Report

Duck hunting along the Texas coast had been hit and miss this season, even with the cold weather pushing down some new ducks. Duck hunting reports indicate ice was a problem on the coastal prairies for waterfowl hunters. Ponds iced over two inches thick in some places, and that made for tough duck hunting. Few birds moved, according to several outfitters submitting duck hunting reports.

Many hunters along the coast reported seeing an influx of birds overnight, probably because the area had the most open water and feeding areas. However, coastal hunters on the bays said the bird flight was slim as well, but not for lack of birds. Port O’Connor and Rockport are holding large rafts of red heads, lesser scaup, pintails, and some gadwall.

Prairie hunters expect to recoup their birds this week with the return of southerly winds. Goose hunters, on the other hand, continue to bang their heads against the wall trying to figure out the snow geese. Unless you have weather (fog or wind), snow geese have been unhuntable.

The good news is many geese are beginning to feed on green fields, which should make them a bit more gullible to spreads set over green. The white-fronted (speckled-belly) season ended on January10. Lots of sandhill cranes have been observed on the prairie. Prospects are fair to good for duck hunting and goose hunters taking to the field for the remainder of the season.

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