Central Texas Hiking Trail

With spring just around the corner, the weather is much more conducive for some serious hiking and rock climbing in Central Texas, and what better place to find a central Texas hiking trail than Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. The terrain is well suited for both the casual hiker as well as those looking for a more adventurous climb. The website notes: “Enchanted Rock State Natural Area consists of 1643.5 acres on Big Sandy Creek, north of Fredericksburg, on the border between Gillespie and Llano Counties.”

The state park charges a small fee for parking, and it is a haven for nature lovers and outdoorsmen. The Loop Trail covers a terrain of 4 miles, and Summit Trail climbs 425 feet in 0.6 miles, according to the park’s map. It is recommended that you bring plenty of water and snacks because that particular hiking trail can be harder than it looks.

As with most hiking trails in Texas, open toed shoes are not recommended. Some do wear them, but it is best to wear actual hiking boots, for it is easy to bang a toe on one of the rocks. For those looking for more of an intense climb, there is Turkey Peak. There are multiple ways to reach the summit, and many do bring climbing ropes.

When you visit the park, you will be given a map that shows you your climbing options. All climbing is done at one’s own risk. It’s not the Franklin Mountain hiking trails some may have visited out in west Texas, but Enchanted Rock is a great place to hike and boulder climb as well.

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