Quail Management Assistance Program

In an effort to provide more comprehensive quail management assistance, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) is starting has implemented the Quail Management Assistance Program (QMAP). While no additional habitat cost-share is available through QMAP, being a QMAP participant will insure landowners are updated on available cost-share opportunities.

To enroll in QMAP, complete the application provided on the VDGIF website and follow the instructions. QMAP cooperators will be asked to provide an aerial photograph of their property, an optional e-mail address and GPS coordinates, if available. QMAP will help VDGIF establish a QMAP listserv for rapid communications with program participants. It will also provide a link for like minded landowners to work together. In addition, it will facilitate establishing a quail habitat database, helping track habitat additions as they occur throughout Virginia.

QMAP will be structured around the Quail Quilts concept. Similar to how quilts are sown, the VDGIF envisions sowing habitat quilts for the landscape by developing locally lead quail recovery teams. By “sowing” smaller parcels of land together with quail habitat through landowner cooperation, much more can be accomplished than by landowners working alone. The concept, although not new, is to link together units of quail habitat so that larger blocks of continuous habitat can be formed.

For those that live in Virginia and are interested in quail management, I recommend looking into this cost share program. We all love helping wildlife, but it’s even better when we can lower our out of pocket costs. Good luck with your bobwhite quail!

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