Drought Mitigation and Habitat Management

The year of 2009 reiterated the importance of water on the landscape. Water is not only necessary for maintaining habitat and wildlife populations, but it’s important for humans as well. Because proper management can help mitigate for dry conditions,a Drought Mitigation Workshop is being held by Holistic Management Institute (HMI) on April 11-12 in Wharton, Texas.

Drought is a consistent state of the environment in Texas, particularly the South Central Valley and Gulf Coast Regions. As an organization that is committed to the health of the land, HMI Texas believes it is important to educate landowners about how they can prepare, manage through, and recover from drought. Farm Aid is also dedicated to helping landowners remain sustainable through drought conditions and we are privileged to have their financial support and partnership in this endeavor.

Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that requires landowners to plan far in advance for events that can potentially affect their land and agricultural operation. Because holistic managers are continually monitoring their progress, evaluating their results, and revising their strategy accordingly, they are by design better prepared to face, manage, and recover from drought with sustainable operation.

You can expect to learn the details that define drought: what causes it and the long terms effects of it on the land at a regional level. You will learn how to prepare for the next drought while simultaneously recovering from the previous one though grazing management, financial planning, and monitoring. Traditional farmers and ranchers will learn new ways to stay in business in challenging times without compromising the programs they have spent many years developing. Walt Davis is an engaging presenter with years of experience to share with his audience. He is a 5th generation rancher and has been a consultant and teacher for over 20 years. Walt has seen first hand how holistic management can improve profits and ecosystem health simultaneously. Each workshop will be tailored to the region in which it is presented so landowners near each location are encouraged to attend, as the materials will be designed just for them.

This workshop is offered April 11 and 12 at Hinze BBQ in Wharton, Texas. The cost for the entire two-day event (including lunch) is $200. Add a second person from your organization and they’ll pay only $100. The information in this workshop is desperately needed by many producers so we are making this course available for less than $75 per person a day. Class size is limited, so register now online or call 830-868-2427.

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