Federal Grants for Wildlife Management

Texas will take part in a nationwide celebration of the 10th anniversary of the State and Wildlife Grants (SWG) program during the week of September 4 through 12. Over the past 10 years, the federal funding source has provided more than $30 million in Texas for a wide array of efforts to help fish and wildlife habitat management, including non-game species.

Throughout the nation the grant program has provided stable federal funding totaling more than $573 million since 2000 to state agencies such as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which has received about $3 million a year for Texas conservation, which has been put to work on various fish and wildlife management projects across the state.

The Texas coalition is leading plans to host a series of 5 briefings and tours for elected officials and news media in early September. These special events will take place in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston, as well as Northeast Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Texas Parks and Wildlife staff will be providing information and playing a supporting role in these events to help showcase how SWG funds have been used in Texas.

If you hunt, fish, or just enjoy looking at fish and wildlife habitat in Texas, then these grants have helped to make the state even better. Thanks to federal and state officials for putting these wildlife grants to good use!

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