Mountain Lion in Frisco, Texas

Mountain lions are majestic animals that cover a lot of country and hunt big game animals. So the question some folks are asking is, “What is a mountain lion doing in Frisco, Texas?” As it turns out, nobody knows why this animal is here, but there have been 3 separate sightings recently of what appears to be a mountain lion along the hiking trail area on the north side of Frisco Commons Park, located at 8000 McKinney Road.

While there have been reports of bobcat sightings in Frisco in recent years, all 3 people who saw the animal along the Frisco Commons Park trail say it was not a bobcat, but a mountain lion. Frisco Commons Park remains open, and parks management reminds residents and visitors that operating hours for all city parks are from dawn until dusk. Signs will be posted around the park alerting park visitors of the recent sightings. Everyone using the area is encouraged to use caution while in the area.

Mountain Lion in Frisco, Texas?

“Animal control staff has walked the area, and could not find evidence that a wild animal is living in the hiking trail area of Frisco Commons Park,” said Greg Carr, Animal Control Administrator. “More likely the animal is passing through. Staff will continue to monitor the area to make sure a wild animal is not sticking around.”

Here are a few mountain lion tips should you encounter a mountain lion.
First, when in mountain lion country carrying a sturdy walking stick with you. Next, make sure to pick up small children to prevent them from running and triggering an attack. Remember to stay calm, talk calmly, and slowly back away, keeping eye contact with the mountain lion. Do not run or turn your back. If the lion is aggressive, throw rocks or sticks, and speak firmly and loudly. And lastly, fight back if a lion attacks you. The survivors of lion attacks say these cats can be driven off by fighting back.

According to state wildlife biologist, mountain lions are solitary animals, and attacks on humans are rare. In fact, since 1980 there have been only 4 reports of mountain lion attacks on humans have been reported in Texas. A female mountain lion has a range of up to 80 to 100 square miles and a male has a range up to 200 square miles, so this caught could literally be gone tomorrow. Frisco residents will have to wait and see.

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