World Record Elk from Idaho!

Many hunters head to the mountains of the western states in late summer and early fall of each year looking for a giant bull elk. Hunting elk is challenging because of the terrain in which these animals inhabit. Although many hunters end their hunt empty handed, other elk hunters take home a nice bull or even a cow and some very good eating. However, the hunter in these photos got more than just a nice bull, he shot what looks to be the new World Record Elk!

The big elk was shot in Idaho and after looking at these photos I must say this animal is very, very impressive. I myself have never been elk hunting, but have been wanting to get up into Colorado or Wyoming sometime soon. Looks like Idaho is a pretty good option, too! Here is what I got in an email:

“When officially measured by SCI in 60 days, this will be the new world record for a typical elk. The current score done on this potential World Record Elk by an SCI Master Measurer is 525 typical and 546 non-typical. This animal will be the number 1 typical and number 4 non-typical. Forget it’s score and look at the mass of each point and you will realize how unique this bull really is.

The guy in the photo harvested this big elk at the Broadmouth Canyon Ranch in Idaho on August 18. It was a challenging elk hunt on horse back and by foot in the middle of the Black Foot Mountains of Idaho. The result — a world record elk! Priceless!!”

One thought on “World Record Elk from Idaho!

  1. M G

    I would rather shoot a wild spike elk than a 500″ canned hunt bull!Truthfully I wish they would get rid of these canned operations and put the glory back in elk hunting!Aint nothing to be proud of unless it can be scored by B&C

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