Eight (8) Mountain Lions in A Group?

Mountain lions, commonly referred to as cougars, panthers, catamounts, and lions, are extremely secretive animals that live a solitary lifestyle, often in rugged terrain. That being said, it seems every single person in the great state of Texas has a real-life mountain lion story. How could so many lion encounters have occurred unless many of the proclaimed and reported mountain lion sightings were due to mistaken identity?

Sure, some people may outright distort the truth, but I believe many alleged mountain lion sightings are reports of only what persons wanted to believe that they had seen. Seeing even a single lion is quite a feat considering the secretive, solitary lifestyle that they live, but what about seeing several lions or a group of lions? How about observing eight mountain lions?

Sounds a little far-fetched if you ask me, but I recently received an email with a story that is allegedly based out of Texas. I’m not sure what to make of it since I am not as familiar with the life history of mountain lions as I’d like to be. After all, I did say that cougars live very private lives. Check out the following mountain lion story and photos and please leave your thoughts below.

“This is sort of scary.If these things start hunting in packs we’ve got a problem…

A woman who lives about 25 to 30 miles from Brady, Texas, sent these pictures which were taken nine miles from her house. A cow was found killed and the trail camera was put in place to see what was preying on it.

You can count up to eight (8) mountain lions in one of the pictures. Who ever heard of eight cougars at a kill site? They’re acting more like a pride of lions than the solitary creatures they normally are.”

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