Ibex Climbing on a Dam in Italy! Is This Wildlife Habitat?

A man-made structure is not the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about the words “wildlife habitat.” However, some of the structures humans create can be used beneficially by wildlife species, even although this is seldom the case. Today’s cool wildlife photos involve Ibex goats and the side of damn located in Italy. Common sense would lead you to believe that the side of dam is one place wildlife would not be hanging out, but you’d be wrong!

What you see in the following photos are Alpine Ibex climbing an the backside of an almost vertical dam, which is located high up in the Italian Alps. Typically living in very steep and rocky terrain at altitudes to 4600m, Ibex goats are excellent climbers that have no fear to climb up or down the steep dam’s face in search of  the tasty lichens growing there.

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