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Urban Deer Management: Living With Whitetail

White-tailed deer are a popular in Texas, but they are not necessarily popular with everyone. Although beautiful animals, deer should always be respected. Folks that live in the urban areas of Central Texas know this all too well. Many communities have faced the realities of urban deer management; attempts to control increasing deer populations in the face of a growing human population. Take the Georgetown area, for example:

“A white-tailed doe, grazing in a lush green yard, hears a noise. Her head pops up. She stares, turning into a momentary statue. Suddenly, she darts across the yard toward the nearest bunch of trees, leaping over the fence so graceful it seems she is flying, and disappears into oblivion. Much of the landscape in Central Texas, even urban areas, includes deer. They are fun to watch, especially for those residents moving in from places without wildlife. But Turk Jones, a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden, cautions residents to be careful when feeding and coming in contact with urban deer, and remember to follow state
laws regarding wildlife. Continue reading