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Habitat Management for Land, Livestock & Wildlife

There is no secret to good land management. It takes time, hard work and perseverance and the rewards can be awesome. Good land management means implementing the propert wildlife habitat management practices or livestock grazing practices, often both, to keep both plants and animals in optimal shape. For landowners interested in learning more about land management in Texas, the Texas Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) will host the Texas Grazingland Conference: Solutions for Healthy Land and Profitable Ranching in Fort Worth, Texas on July 15-17, 2013, at the Radisson Hotel Fort Worth Fossil Creek. (Packet attached)

The conference will feature four concurrent sessions with 16 full-time and part-time ranchers sharing their knowledge, insight and experience on the cow-calf and stocker industry. The sessions will include profitable ranching management; wildlife management with and using livestock; risk management and marketing strategies. Through this peer-to-peer information sharing, attendees will have an opportunity to learn successful management strategies that can help them improve their land and their business. Continue reading