Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Annual Meeting

The 11th Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Annual Meeting and Advanced Training will be held October 22-24, 2010 at T bar M Ranch in New Braunfels. Members may begin reserving accommodations now! The Lindheimer Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist program will be assisting as hosts of this years conference and together we have already planned many exciting trainings and features for the conference. This year, the overnight accommodations will be separate from the conference registration expense. While, the conference registration is not yet available, members may begin reserving their rooms at T bar M.

A block of rooms is available to reserve at the special rate of $85.00 per room per night (plus tax, where applicable). The rooms are extremely nice hotel-style rooms. There are also a limited number of 2 and 3 bedroom condos available at $85 per bedroom as well. The more people you care to have in your room, the less of a per person cost there will be to you. The majority of the rooms are double/doubles that may sleep up to 4 individuals. If you are planning to share a room with someone, only one person needs to make the reservation. However, once the conference registration becomes available each person attending the conference will need to register for that.

If you live close enough to T bar M to commute, then all you will need to register for is the conference once available. Please keep in mind that ALL ROOM RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY September 27, 2010. You may make your room reservation for the Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Annual Meeting at this time on-line. The instructions provided to us are as follows:

ON-LINE (T Bar M’s Preferred Method that you use):

1. Go to the T Bar M Web site
2. Click on Reservations
3. Click on Reserve Online
4. Check T Bar M Groups & Conferences, then Continue
5. Enter Group # txmasnat
6. Enter Password naturalist
7. Continue to date entry
8. Enter correct data (you will need to select 2 as the # of nights to read correctly or it will not work)
9. Search for availability
10. Choose room type
11. Verify all data, go to the bottom of the screen and continue
12. Select SKIP Virtual store to continue with reservation
13. Enter personal data on Reservation Entry Form
14. Click Make Reservation
15. Receive confirmation

If you have any question concerning making your reservation or about T Bar M please contact a reservationists at 800/292-5469 24 hours a day and reference reservation number 308734.

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